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Know Why SSL Certificate is Important & How it Helps your Business

why ssl is important
24 November

Know Why SSL Certificate is Important & How it Helps your Business

Privacy and security, two things that are absolutely important, especially in today’s times. With the advent of digitalization, most of the data is collected and stored on the internet, which is honestly, a very precarious decision. Be it Facebook, Twitter, online portals, websites, each and every digital platform requires you to obediently submit your personal information, to begin with. However, helpful and organized, the results are, it’s extremely important to consider its consequences. Your financial data, your credit card numbers, the CVV, everything is then under the eyes of somebody else. Thus, it is imperative to ensure optimum security before accessing any online portal.

Well, if you are running a business on the digital platform, then your aim, precisely is to attract more and more users and ensure that your website satisfies the expectations of your users. In 2010, Google came up with an update that the user experience is one of the most important ranking factors. As a website, and also a provider so services, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that the data of your users is secure. This is why an SSL certificate is absolutely necessary for your website. It ensures that there is no violation of the privacy of your clients.

What is SSL?

An SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) secures data integrity. It creates a secure link between the browser and the website. It uses a cryptographic key to bind the data together. It ensures that all your transactions and data goes to the intended recipient. Since the web has a lot of hosts and servers, it becomes important to obtain an SSL certificate as it will ensure the safety of your data. The SSL certificates need to be issued by the Certificate Authority. You can choose from a variety of options, depending upon your volume of transactions, price range and its compatibility with other browsers.

Some of the important reasons as to why do we need an SSL certificate are listed down below:

  1. Ensures authentication
  2. It is very important to authorize your website because of the multiplicity of the users on the internet. Whenever a user enters some information, it goes through various computers. It is quite likely that any other site chooses to replicate your identity and demand confidential information from them. They can further go on to misuse the user’s information. As a business, you wouldn’t want your reputation to be tarnished in this way. It will not only hamper your user’s privacy but can also affect your brand’s name. Thus, obtaining an SSL certificate will help you and authorize the communication between your website and the visitor’s browser.

  3. End-to-end Encryption
  4. The primary reason to get SSL certificate is to ensure that the data is secured. As the entered information travels through a chain of computers, it is possible that any other site accesses that data and misuses it. As a business, your users entrust you with their personal information, and you wouldn’t want it to be stolen. It includes your user’s financial details, and its loss can hamper your business’s image and credibility, this will also create questions regarding the trustworthiness of your business. An SSL certificate ensures that there is a safe communication between you and your users by ensuring that no other party can access the information. It makes the information unreadable to the other servers. Only the intended recipient can access it.

  5. Protects you from cyber criminals and hackers
  6. Cyber crime has been increasing rapidly, more and more imposters are using the internet to hide and exploit the information and freedom provided on it. With the help of an SSL certificate, you can protect your data from being stolen by the cyberbullies. Especially if you do have any password-protected pages, then it is best to obtain an SSL certificate. The hackers look for these minor loopholes in poorly protected pages and then use this as a chance to hack websites. The web is increasingly becoming unsafe; therefore, it is your responsibility to protect your users from any sort of theft and violation of privacy.

  7. Boosts your credibility
  8. Do you know that the average user is quite informative these days. Since, there are so many options available on the internet, to choose from, it is important that your website stands out. With the help of an SSL certificate, you can help achieve that kind of trust from your users. If your website has an SSL certificate then it will indicate certain visual cues such as a green bar or a lock icon. This will ensure your customers that your website is legitimized and that their data is safe in your hands. It will help in building trust amongst the online market, and your website will stand out. This will also help in with your ranking. The idea of any website is to provide safe and easy access, and that’s what SSL is all about.

  9. You cannot run an online business without it
  10. It is almost imperative that you get an SSL certificate from a trusted provider because you cannot run your business without it. Most of these websites have an attractive call to action button that redirects your users to the page where they can buy and purchase, to boost your conversion rates. A user is then asked to enter their credit card numbers, CVV, etc. nut do you know that for any website to be able to accept such kind of confidential information, it needs to comply with the standards of the Payment Card Industry, one of which is to have an SSL certificate. Thus, it becomes almost a given to have an SSL certificate if you provide certain services on your website. There can be no online transactions without it.

Well, these were some of the reasons that will help you in making an informed decision. Due to many security reasons, it has become mandatory to obtain an SSL certificate for website. Obviously, it involves an investment on your part, but even if you are a small, emerging business, then you wouldn’t want to risk your business’s reputation. It’s an investment that will help you be in the business. Although an SSL certificate helps you in a lot of ways, as mentioned above, its only drawback is that it does affect the performance of your website as it needs quite a lot of server resources to obtain end to end encryption. Nonetheless, it is imperative to have an SSL certificate to ensure your website’s safety.

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