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How important websites are for your Business

16 August

How important websites are for your Business

Gradual increase in website development but surprisingly fact is maximum businesses still don’t have their websites and if they have then probably not upgraded to modern look.

May be they think it will cost extra bucks for making a website for their business and monthly and yearly cost will also tighten their pockets. So let’s discuss why having website for your business is important:

We live in 21st century where people Google before they purchase anything. And having a website for your business is the first impression that you can offer to your customers. Based on your website, maximum customers makes decision either they will visit the store or not.

No one has that much time for window shopping. Everything is getting online and people prefer purchasing online rather than going on a store which will waste 4-5 hours on an average.

1. Makes your business professional and serious:
Well companies normally calculate the employee performance based on professionalism. Probably this is one of the main factors at the time of new hiring. But do we also notice how professional or serious is any company?

Yes! For an instance if I need to go to any saloon and I will make Google search. Let’s say I came up with 2 results, one with good website and second one with no website/ average website. Well I will definitely go for the first option as it gives me professional image for that business and seems to be serious too.

Further as that business is listed on famous search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo, etc so it automatically speaks its authenticity.

2. Location:
Now a day’s people often search online to find out the location of the shop or business they are going to visit. And if there is no listing then it will be difficult for them to reach there.

3. People know you:
Having a website means people know you. Well yes! They explore and study that particular business much before visiting there or doing any business with them.

Candidates appearing for an interview also study and explore the services offered by the company.

4. Act as visiting card:
Website acts as visiting card or portfolio too. So rather than printing and distributing the cards in this era of going green it would be better to have website and go green by just providing the website details.

Further it describes the personality of your business and will act as promotional move too.

5. Cost Effective:
Having a website will not only saves your maximum printing and designing cost but also act as advertisement and will bring lot of new customers/ consumers to you.

6. Convenient:
Well it’s not the old era that you need a specialized person for updating website regularly. With easy to use CMS and frameworks like Word Press, Magento you will get the powerful easy to use backend from where you can easily manage or update anything with few clicks just like you are updating your facebook profile.

If you don’t have any website that means you are losing business. A bad website is far worse than no website and to be very clear both are bad for your business.

Written by: Preetinder Singh Bhatia

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