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Fix “The Site Ahead Contains Malware” in Chrome

fix website contain malware issue
17 November

Fix “The Site Ahead Contains Malware” in Chrome

With the competition on the internet rising steadily with your competitors, you cannot let your site be affected by any issue. Even a slight problem or issue with your website can result in downtime, and it would eventually drive away your existing and potential customers away from your website. Due to the complex nature of websites, it is not uncommon for them to be diagnosed with some issues. But one of the most dangerous and detrimental issues that can affect your website is the error code “The Site Ahead Contains Malware.”

One fine day, you are trying to open your website but instead see an error screen with this message. Now, if you see this error, then even your potential customers can. With loads of alternate options available, your customers won’t be wasting time and would immediately jump to an alternate website. It is a serious matter and needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. Well do not worry, it is possible for you to address this issue without any hassles by following the steps mentioned below.

What does the message “The Site Ahead Contains Malware” means?

While your website can suffer from various issues due to one reason or another but when this message appears on your screen, it indicates that your website has been affected by a malware or has been hacked. This error is shown in Google Chrome browser either when someone tries to open the infected website or clicks on a google search link for the infected website.

Google places customer safety and privacy at the top and has a feature “Safe Browsing” enabled to prevent such sites from opening in the Chrome browser. This feature protects the customers from accidentally visiting such sites that might infect their computer or device. If someone tries to open an infected site, a red screen appears with the error message. Though, it is certainly possible for the users to bypass this error code by clicking on the Details button but still it is not advisable because you never know what type of action that malware might take. Depending on the issues identified by Google, some of the other variants of this error code that you might see are:

  • Deceptive Site Ahead
  • The site ahead contains harmful programs
  • Are you sure you want to continue to……?
  • This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources

As soon as you see any of these error codes while trying to access your website, you need to take corrective measures otherwise the ranking of your website will be affected negatively, reducing the traffic to your website eventually. It is obvious that some hacker has planted this malware on your website because why would you yourself do that. It becomes essential for you to clean your website and then inform Google that you have removed the malware, and only then will Google reconsider your website.

How to remove “The Site Ahead Contains malware” in Google Chrome?

There are a few steps involved in the removal of this error from your website which you must undertake: –

Check the status of your website

First and foremost, you need to check the status of your website. For this, use the “Safe Browsing” option available in Chrome. Go to the safe browsing site and enter your website’s URL. If your site is infected by a malware, you will see an error message that “This site is unsafe.” Now, you need to start the process of removing this infection.

Identify the malicious code

There are quite a few different ways that you can undertake to remove malware from your WordPress website. Here are some of the most popular options: –

  • When Google displays the error message pertaining to your website, it also offers various options related to it, such as “Learn More” or “visit the Google Safety Center.” Click on the most appropriate link according to your problem, and you will be able to understand the issue affecting your WordPress site.
    Now, select the option “Security and Manual Actions” and herein click on the option “Security Issues” in the console. If you have not yet verified your website with Google Search Console, do it now.
  • Now, you can use various free malware removal tools and plugins available for WordPress, such as Wordfence and Malcare. These tools and plugins will not only help you identify the malware affecting your website but will also help you with the removal of the malware. Though in order to remove the malware, you might need to purchase the premium version of the plugin or tool.

Remove the Malware from Website

Once you have identified the malware that has been affecting your website, you can now start the process for its removal. There are various options available for you: –

  • Avail the services of website repair professional to handle the entire task for you and get your website up and running in a quick time.
  • Purchase the premium version of the most suitable WordPress plugin and enjoy one-click malware removal.
  • After the malware is removed, recheck the website with free online tools again to be certain.

Resubmit the Website to Google

As Google had blacklisted your site due to the site ahead contains malware, it would not be including it in the search results nor would allow it to open on Chrome. You, therefore, need to inform Google that the malware has been removed and Google can re-evaluate your website. For this, you need to use the Google search console once again. After verifying your website with the Google search console, select the option “Security and Manual Actions” and herein click on the option “Security Issues” in the Google Search Console. Now, select the option “I Have Fixed These Issues” and then click on the button “Request a Review.” Google will review your website and if satisfied will remove the site contains malware issue error message.

With these simple tips, you can easily manage the malware errors affecting your website and continue with your digital marketing efforts seamlessly.

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