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Everything You Need To Know About Web Designing

Everything You Need To Know About Web Designing
7 December

Everything You Need To Know About Web Designing

Amused by websites? It is all about Web Designing?

A website has two main components, the Front end, and the Back end. The front end is the whole look and visual experience of the website and the back end being the actual functionality of the same website including the database. Now to encompass the whole definition of website designing, one can say it is what a website looks and feels like. It is the design of the website actually and is focused on majorly the user experience aspect of the website rather than the software development part of it.

Skills involved:

Marketing and Communications design: It is what on a website works for a particular target market. More commonly we can refer to it as a section of the audience to which the material on the website appeals to which is majorly taken care of by a Top Web Design Agency in India

User Experience design and Interactive Design:

User Experience is the most important part of the Commercial aspect of the website on the whole considerable while designing through best web design agency India. A less intuitive and less easy to maneuver through design may still appeal to a tech-savvy audience which is more likely to find its way across to the material offered on the website. But a less intuitive design with more difficult to traverse content may find fewer takers and may not be commercially viable for any website. So the User Experience part should always be kept more intuitive and easy to maneuver so that it may appeal to a broader array of audiences.

Page layout:

This is more generalized to a responsive page layout or design these days as compared to the grid and table layout popular in the early days as per Best web design agency India. HTML and CSS make the backbone of this part and HTML5 and CSS3 bring the responsiveness to the web page which is nothing but the ability of a web page to adjust according to the pane and width of the changing landscape due to the material being read on different devices.


This deals with the font and size of the letters typed to create readable content for the website. These days for a broader application of SEO (Search Engine Optimization – The technique used to optimize content to make the page rank higher in a keyword search) specified by Top web design agency India

Motion Graphics:

This is more on the side of the behavior of the elements on a particular web page. Animation or creative behavior elements enhance the look and feel of the website on the whole.

Generated Content:

The website may broadly be categorized based on the content generated on it.
Namely, Static webpages and Dynamic Webpages.

Static Webpages:  Have a fixed unchangeable content base without having any backend. The change on these sites can’t be done on the fly.

Dynamic Web pages: Are developed on the fly and have some sort of connectivity with a back end.

The above-said points are important to take care of while getting websites designed by the Top Web Design Agency India

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