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Biggest & Common Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

11 August

Biggest & Common Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

A website is not only a platform to buy and sell; instead, it is an opportunity for every business to gain new customers, establish credibility and build good relationships with the clients. So, having a professional, business-centered yet audience-focused website design is essential for every business to ensure solid online presence that would not only lead to enhanced user experience but will also result in business growth.

Furthermore, it requires efforts and time to create and run a good-performing website. And the common web design mistakes can hurt all those efforts as the design of a website plays a key role in creating the first impression. To make all your efforts fruitful, you need to be careful from the very beginning in the web design process and follow a thoughtful strategy.

If you are designing a new website or are not getting the desired results from the existing website (even after making changes in marketing strategies, content layout and more), you need to pay attention to website design and know the web design mistakes you should avoid.

Here goes the list of the most common website design mistakes that you should avoid to get the desired performance from your website. Just go through and ensure to create a well-performing web design, no matter what your business niche is.

  • Low website loading speed
  • Website’s speed is one of the main contributing factors to bounce rate as users don’t show patience to wait for more than 4 seconds for the page to load. Thus, you need to ensure that your website loads quickly.

    Un-optimized images, JavaScript issues, too many ads, flash content and over the top HTTP requests are some of the common reasons for slow website speed. Though it is a good idea to use fancy animations and gimmicks on your website, you should not include them if they come at the cost of performance as it will result in the increased bounce rate. You need to give priority to performance and follow the best practices to ensure good website loading speed.

  • Irrelevant and unclear calls to action
  • Bad call to action is one of the biggest web design mistakes you need to avoid. A CTA is intended to provide useful information to the visitors and guide them for their next step. A good CTA is the one that conveys your message and let the visitors know what they will get after clicking on it. Follow the following steps to create good calls to action:

  • – Keep your CTAs straightforward and succinct.
  • – Make all your CTAs clearly visibly.
  • – Though popups can be effective, use them in a limit to prevent your visitors from getting annoyed.
  • – Be clear with what you want the users to do.
  • Lack of mobile-friendly design
  • Lack of mobile-friendly design is a biggie among all the typical web design errors and is the one you cannot afford to make in this era when the majority of the customers are using their Smartphone’s to browse the web and make purchases.

    Visitors are likely to close your website and visit another one in case they get a poor mobile experience, encounter a bad design or slow loading website or are unable to point out the things they are looking for. In order to retain the visitors, increase conversion rate and create a satisfactory user experience, you need to focus on creating a mobile-friendly design.

    In addition to making your website responsive, you also need to focus on other factors like proper navigation, fast loading speed, right text size and more. All these things will lead to a great experience for all the users regardless of the device they use for browsing your website.

  • Thin Content
  • Say it the low budget for creating multiple pages or any other reason that all your products or services are listed on a single page, the strategy leads to a big web design mistake. Though it allows you to display all the products/services at one place, it confuses the search engines to decide what the particular page is for and what it should be ranked for.

    The separate pages for different products and services provide you with an opportunity to get your target keywords ranked organically. However, the case does not remain the same when you list all the products/services on one page. Higher rankings for particular keywords lead to increased traffic and more business. The common website design mistakes you need to avoid regarding thin content are:

  • – Listing all the products/services on a single page.
  • – No having a page for services/products.
  • – Adding a little on the service/product pages.
  • Not including social media sharing links
  • You must agree that social media platforms have become the other search engines. So, why miss a chance to redirect your visitors to your social media profiles where they can know about your latest deals and offers or can follow you for remaining updated with the latest information, just with a click of button.

    Social media platforms can bring a lot of business, you just need to get your audience to follow you. And the sharing options on your website make it easier.

    Always remember that no one will like to make efforts for copying your business name or website link and pasting it to social media platforms. Users prefer easy options which you can offer to them by adding social media share buttons on your website. However, you need to add these buttons and calls to action at the right place.

    Final Words

    No matter how good your website looks, it is of no use if your target audience can’t find it or if it remains unable to deliver the desired user experience. So, you need to create a design while avoiding all the major web design mistakes we have listed above. After all, it is not only about the visual appeal of the website, it is more about its functionality and user experience.

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