The importance of website speed optimization: 7 optimization tips that work

Website speed optimization is one of the crucial SEO practice so it should be the priority of every business owner. Page speed has a huge impact on a website’s Search Engine Optimization & bounce rate.  Website speed leaves the good impression on your potential website visitors. Low website speed is one annoying factor that will keep people off your resource.

High performing websites offer more visits, lower bounce rates, more conversions, higher organic search rankings and better user experience. By minimizing website page load times, you have a encouraging impact on sales processes and marketing. You’ll get more traffic and attract more qualified leads that can convert into customers. In this article, we will give you tips on how to optimize page load time.

Remove JavaScript that prevents rendering

Our first tip for slow loading websites is to check JavaScript. If you like to see your webpage to load faster, then you should reduce (and possibly remove) certain items on the page that might interfere with the loading progression.

Whenever you install a new plugin, theme, or third-party element, it add  some CSS code & JavaScript to the front-end which directly impact the loading speed of your website.

Make sure you use JavaScript properly

Our next tip is to completely keep away from the long-running) JavaScript. This can put off your search engine from building the DOM & CSSOM properly, causing the website page to deliver at extremely low speeds.

If you don’t possess enough knowledge about the JavaScript then you can make use of google suggestions:-

  • For image updates do not make use of a set interval & set timeout.
  • Move some of long-standing JavaScript to Website Workers.

Usage of CDN boost speed

 CDNs work incredibly to boost the website speed. CDN servers are helpful to collect content from various locations across the world.

If you have CDNs spread around the world, these servers could deliver your website content very quickly. Currently, CDNs do not have the technical features required by your websites. It will improve loading speed magically.

Choose the right hosting as per  your requirement

There are so many new site owners choose the cheapest option for website hosting. Although this is often enough at first, you will probably need to upgrade as you get more traffic. Be smart while choosing hosting; first make good research about hosting providers then pick one of them.

Use the speed boosting tools

If you google you will easily find the so many speed boosting tools. You can use these tools to speed up your website. Closely monitoring the performance of your website is quite helpful  to build strong online presence.

Use GT Metrix

GT Metrix is a free &  paid  online tool to speed up  your website. By using this tool you can analyze the website performance closely and make required changes as per given analysis report.

Check-out third-party plugins

If you are unable to understand why your web pages are loading slow, it could be because there is a third party service having trouble connecting to your site server. Therefore, check third party plugin thoroughly.

I hope given information help you to boost website loading speed. Do follow our blog for attain high performance website.