If you’re reading this post, you’ve undoubtedly read a few books or gone through tutorials on HTML and CSS, or even know how to put up a basic website (or not.)

HTML-CSS is an excellent place to start when learning to code. But what comes after that? This is a common question we hear from novices, and it’s reasonable for anyone to get stuck at this point.

After all, there are so many options to take a pick from! JavaScript, Python, PHP, Bootstrap, and so on.

jQuery, We Say! All senses are subordinated to vision, with the human brain focusing on color, orientation, size, and, of course, motion- Users are more likely to stay hooked to your web page if you include animations.

What is jQuery?

So, what exactly is jQuery? The goal of jQuery is to make using JavaScript on your site simpler. It encapsulates common operations that require a lot of complicated JavaScript code into a function that can be executed with only a single line of code. “jQuery is a quick, compact, and feature-rich JavaScript library,” according to the official jQuery website. With an easy-to-use API that functions across a variety of browsers, it simplifies HTML document navigation and alteration, event handling, animation, and Ajax.

In simple words, jQuery is a library that allows you to do fancy things with your web page. Most folks recommend learning JavaScript before mastering jQuery, but we don’t think it’s necessary, at least for the fundamentals. Learning jQuery, on the contrary, can make mastering and using JavaScript on your webpage somewhat easier.

jQuery Syntax

Implementing jQuery is a lot like using CSS. The jQuery semantics, like CSS, is designed for choosing HTML components and carrying out tasks on them.

Here’s an example of a basic jQuery function:






If the code excerpt above didn’t deter you, then you’re a courageous soul! Because if we were beginners, we would have been terrified immediately. Okay, there’s no need to be intimidated; it’s not quite as difficult as it appears.

From top to bottom, here’s what all that complex code implies.

$(function() { 



Wrapping all of your jQuery classes in this function is a smart practice. It ensures that your function is invoked once all of the page’s DOM elements have been fetched.

In layman’s terms, it means ensuring that your jQuery code is only executed once your web page has loaded.

It’s crucial to understand that jQuery’s core syntax is 



What is jQuery Action

When an event takes place on your web page, a jQuery action is performed on an HTML element. jQuery actions include the following effects:

• hide

• fade

• animate

• slide

What is jQuery Event

On a website, users perform a plethora of actions such as hovering their mouse over a component, snapping a button, scrolling up and down, maximizing, and minimizing—all of these actions are examples of events. When any of these events take place on your web page, you may use jQuery to define what action should be taken.

It wasn’t so hard to get the grasp of jQuery, after all.. Isn’t it?So now that you know the basics, it’s time to implement jQuery and get down to business!

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