Brand Marketing During Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

Marketers may struggle to know where to start in times of crisis. People have gone into defence mode in just a few weeks, concentrating on themselves, their families, their workers, their consumers, and their communities. This is reflected on social media, where people are pleading with their neighbours to observe government safety recommendations. People have come together across partisan lines to form connections inside their neighbourhoods and towns and unite against an unseen force.

We’re seeing huge behavioural tendencies as a result of social isolation, which has kept many individuals at home. For reliable information, consumers are turning to broadcast and cable television, as well as other premium media outlets.

Some of these changes in behaviour may be transient, but others may be permanent. As people are driven to try new things by circumstance as they progress beyond their existing method of survival, the momentum driving digital-experience adoption is unlikely to reverse. What measures can brands take to service and increase their client base, minimise risk, and care for their people while so much changes so quickly during this challenging time?

Demonstrate empathy and openness

Right now, people are feeling vulnerable. Empathy is extremely important. Many banks, for instance, have decided to waive overdraft charges in recognition of their clients’ misfortune. SAP has made its Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse technology available for free to businesses who are fast adopting new methods of working. Such examples demonstrate modesty in the face of a spirit that is greater than us all.

The subtleties of brand voice are more important than ever before. Brands that take advantage of this period for commercial gain will not perform well. Instead, follow Guinness’ lead in the weeks leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, when the business moved its attention away from festivities and pub gatherings and instead pushed into a message of longevity and wellness. We don’t have all the solutions right now, and we need to admit that. Even in uncertain times, if you make promises, you must be able to follow through on them.

Keep track of trends and create scenarios

Marketers will acquire greater real-time insights by studying human behavioural trends on a regular basis. Marketers will want to monitor sentiment and consumption trends on a regular basis in order to better adapt messaging. They will also want to keep a close eye on the conversation across social media sites, web platforms, and e-commerce web content to look for opportunities and spot impending crises. Companies should consider immediately creating dashboards with this data to help them make the best decisions possible.

To keep delivering, adapt to new approaches

The speed with which many organisations were able to switch to working remotely arrangements is encouraging. Collaboration solutions can enable chat, file sharing, meeting, and phone features in a fluid manner, allowing teams to remain connected and productive. Virtual happy hours are already becoming the new standard for boosting workplace morale. Partners are “pitching” from afar, knowing that a face-to-face sales call is improbable for several weeks. Leaders must do everything possible to adapt each aspect of the business model to this new normal, from marketing to sales to service. Our current suffering will lead to new source of growth and even margin enhancement.

In the Summary

The Covid-19 pandemic is currently at the acknowledge-and-adapt phase. However, we must also prepare for life beyond the crisis. Marketers must work openly to make their brands and customer experiences as entire as possible as we navigate what we know, while working inside to do three things.

Recognize the consequences of a business interruption and continue to prepare for the unexpected.

Leverage modern ways of working and communicating with clients, understanding that the results will be long-lasting. Reduce the likelihood of a negative customer experience by approaching it realistically from the outside-in.

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