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Best Magento Extensions For Your Store 2019

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27 August

Best Magento Extensions For Your Store 2019

So, you have got your new eCommerce store designed in Magento and are ready to sell your products. Or you might have already been selling your products through your Magento eCommerce store. But is having an online store is all you need to have a solid recognition, grow sales and expand sales?

Obviously not!

You need to work on the features and functionality of your store in order to provide a better experience to your users so that they would return for other purchases too. And one the most effective and easiest ways is to add top Magento extensions to your store. These extensions will let you add extra features and enhance the functionality of your store. Right from tracking inventory and sales to creating and managing invoice, these extensions will let you add all the necessary features to your store.

However, choosing the right extensions from the pool of paid as well as free Magento extensions can be overwhelming. To help you overcome this confusion, here we have listed 2019’s best Magento extensions that can prove to be a boon for your business.

  1. Delivery Date Scheduler
  2. Today’s customers want clarity and transparency in everything, and they prefer customization even in the orders. Delivery Date Scheduler allows you to set your customers free for choosing the delivery date as per their convenience. Once you add this extension to your ecommerce store, users would be able to decide the preferable date and time of delivery. This extension handles delivery deadlines like an expert.

  3. Google Tag Manager
  4. User experience has remained the top priority for Google no matter what is the service. And Magento has also strived to do the same. And Google Tax Manager is the extension that helps Magento to ensure satisfactory client experience. It allows you to use different Google services including the crucial ones like Google Adwords and Google Analytics. Not only it provides support for re-marketing but also helps to improve the website’s performance.

  5. Language Translator
  6. This is one of the must-have and the best Magento addons for the businesses that sell products worldwide and have an audience with different language preferences. Language Translator will translate your store’s content, including product details, store reviews, CMS page details, etc., into the language that is suitable for a particular audience. You must add this extension if you want to expand your customer base assuring there are no more language blues.

  7. >LiveChat
  8. Whether it is the first time visitors or regular customers, they want immediate answers for their queries without having to wait for long. The LiveChat extension allows you to provide quick response and timely support to your customers, no matter what their queries are. In addition to enhancing the user experience, this Magento extension helps the visitors gain trust in your brand and establishes a direct connection with them.

  9. Elastic Search
  10. One of the best Magento extensions- Elastic search is a must-have for your store if you allow your customers to search for your products. It narrows down the search results thereby providing quick search results. The extension allows you to store the entire product catalogue on the server and provides search as well as autocomplete suggestions to the customers. The overall aim of the extension is to improve the user experience by making the search process easier for them. It also lets the visitors view related searches along with the searched products.

  11. ReloadSEO
  12. ReloadSEO is an extension that optimizes your website’s content according to the search engine standards and helps in growing conversions and sales. And it is the functionality of this extension that makes it the best Magento SEO extension. Its inbuilt algorithm provides you with quantitative as well as qualitative feedback on the SEO optimization of your product pages. In addition to SEO optimization, it also enhances AdWords’ quality score and boosts up the conversion rate. ReloadSEO comes with a trial period of 14 days.

  13. Shop By Brand
  14. If your store sells items from different brands and you want to provide your customers with the utmost clarity of the products, Shop By Brand is the extension you need to add to your store. It lets you arrange the products brand wise, add a brand menu, add a dedicated page for each brand and add some other creative elements. You must give it a try if you are serious about increasing your sales and grow your business.

  15. Mageplaza
  16. Reconnecting with your leads is the best way to build new customers as it provides them with a personalized experience when you try to get reconnected with them. So, if you want to nurture your leads, you must integrate Mageplaza extension to your ecommerce store. It is one of the best Magento addons that helps you to retain your customers and convert leads.

    By using this extension, you can create gift cards and send them to the potential customers (who visited your store but returned without making any purchase) through email. Even you can send the gift cards to acquaintances.

  17. Quotation Manager
  18. If your store deals in the products/services where customers ask for the quotes, Quotation Manager may be the perfect Magento extension for you to streamline the process. Once you integrate the extension with your store, you don’t need to send or receive quotes via email. The extension allows the customers to ask for the quote and you to propose the quote directly from the store. And you receive an email for each update of the quotation process. Quotation Manager eliminates the need to display your prices/packages in public.

There are a plethora of Magento addons you can incorporate to your store for enhancing its visibility, reaching out the potential customers and above all, ensuring a satisfactory user experience. As all these extensions feature different functionalities, you can go through their particular features and choose the required ones for your store accordingly. The above-mentioned extensions are on the top of the list for 2019’s best Magento extensions and can help you boost your sales and increase conversions.

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